Creating a website

is necessary to establish online identity, build credibility, reach a global audience, and leverage numerous opportunities provided by digital landscape.


Website creation

I will be happy to help you create a website on WordPress. It is popular, user-friendly, open source tool that offers customization through themes and plugins. WordPress is scalable, SEO-friendly device, regularly updated for security. It boasts large supportive community, a vast plugin ecosystem, ensures mobile responsiveness, and is cost-effective for various users and businesses. Creating a website involves several key steps.

  • Domain Management and Hosting

  • Content Management (CMS)

  • Web development

  • Responsive Design

  • Content Creation

  • SEO optimization

  • Social Media Integration

  • Website Security

  • Еesting and Qality control

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We specialize in creating dynamic and tailored websites for companies and private individuals.

Types of sites

We offer

Whether it's establishing a robust online presence for businesses or crafting personalized platforms for individuals, our services encompass design, development, and optimization to meet diverse needs and objectives.

  • Company website, E-commerce

  • Microsite, Landing page

  • Portfolio, Blog

  • Support for other projects

Website development

Assistance and maintenance

We provide comprehensive assistance and maintenance services for websites, ensuring optimal performance, regular updates, and quick solution to the problems. Our team is dedicated to support your web presence, allowing you to focus on your core activities while we take care of the technical aspects and ongoing improvements.

  • Content Update

  • Regular Backup

  • Software Updates

  • Security Management

  • Management of Comments and Spam

  • Performance Optimization

  • Technical Troubleshooting

  • User Assistance

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