Villa Principi Della Spina
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    Villa Principi Della Spina

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    Photographic services

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Villa Principi Della Spina

I researched the mini hotel’s features, coordinated with management for permission, and understood key areas for emphasis. Using a quality camera, tripod, and lighting equipment as needed, I captured both exterior and interior spaces, paying attention to details and unique design elements. Experimenting with angles and compositions, I used natural light where possible and balanced it with artificial lighting to create inviting and well-lit spaces.

OIn post-production, I edited images to enhance colors and details while maintaining a natural look, ensuring consistency in the editing style across all photos. Collaborating with hotel management, I shared a selection of images for feedback to ensure alignment with the hotel’s vision. Clarifying usage permissions, I delivered high-resolution images organized by categories, suitable for various marketing platforms.