Pastry ice cream shop Caffè Vittoria
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    Pastry ice cream shop Caffè Vittoria

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    Photographic services

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Pastry ice cream shop Caffè Vittoria

I focused on capturing the intricate details and visual appeal of the pastries and ice creams. Utilizing close-up shots and creative angles, the goal was to showcase the deliciousness of the treats, emphasizing their textures, colors, and presentation. To convey the ambiance of Caffè Vittoria, I paid attention to the overall atmosphere.

Collaboration with the staff at Caffè Vittoria was essential. Working closely with them ensured that the photoshoot captured the essence of the café’s brand and the passion that goes into creating their pastries and ice creams. After photoshoot, I engaged in post-processing to refine the images and ensure a cohesive visual identity for Caffè Vittoria. This involved color correction, minor retouching, and the application of any necessary enhancements to maintain a consistent and appealing aesthetic.