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Prior to the photosession, I made sure to equip myself with the appropriate gear. This included a camera with a telephoto lens for capturing distant or fast-moving subjects. A key aspect of a successful animal photosession was a deep understanding of animal behavior. This involved researching each species, their habits. Patience was a virtue in animal photography. I spent extended periods observing the animals from a distance, allowing them to acclimate to my presence. This patience often resulted in more relaxed and natural behavior, providing opportunities for compelling shots.

I leveraged natural light whenever possible, paying attention to the direction and quality of sunlight to enhance the visual appeal of the photos. The composition of each shot was carefully considered, focusing on framing that highlighted the animals’ features and their interaction with the environment. In the post-processing phase, I made minimal adjustments to maintain the authenticity of the images. Basic enhancements such as color correction, contrast adjustments, and cropping were applied, ensuring the final photos remained true to the natural scene.