About me


show what people usually do not notice or do not want to see. Beauty lies in the little things, so I like to find and show what is hidden from other eyes.



My name is Elena. I am living in Italy. I have been interested in photography since childhood from my dad, who has been taking pictures all his life. At 5 years I had my own camera and loved to take pictures of people, animals, nature. Then, for long evenings, we developed the film, looked at the frames and printed the photographs under a red lamp. Many years have passed, photographic equipment has changed, film has gone down in history, but my passion for photography has become even greater. I believe that beauty lies in the little things, details that most people do not pay attention to. I am attracted to emotions and I want to capture those moments. In 2013 I graduated from a photography school and have a certificate in photography. But I also constantly improve my skills: I study new styles of shooting and graphic processing of photos.

Photography used to be my favorite hobby, but now it has become an important part of my life.




— wedding photo;
— celebrations;
— portraits;
— objects / still life;
— art photo;
– architecture / interior;
— travels;
— life style;
— Pets;
— sports events;
— aerial photography.

— Nikon camera;
(full frame and crop);
— high-aperture ART lenses;
— backgrounds for photography;
– softboxes for subject shooting;
— lighting engineering.